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Management Contracting

Our Management Contracting Service is specifically tailored to meet our clients’ requirements to ensure that a bespoke service is provided.

MET Development also undertakes cost plus or fix fee contracts under Management Contracting procurement route as the Principal contractor.

  • Advising on the feasibility, procurement routes, design team appointments, third party consultants appointments, build ability, cost control, design, value engineering and programming.
  • Advising on the need for mock ups, samples, tests and inspections.
  • Acting as the principal contractor.
  • Preparing a construction programme and defining methods of working on site.
  • Arranging for site accommodation, welfare facilities, fences, hoardings, roads and walkways, drainage, power and water supply.
  • Managing sub-contractors and site inspectors .
  • Co-ordinating the release of information by consultants and statutory undertakers.
  • Managing and co-ordinating works contracts, including acting as contract administrator, carrying out inspections, issuing instructions and certificates etc.
  • Collating as-built information,building owner’s manual, building users handbook, project handbook, health and safety file, pre-construction information, site waste management plan and construction phase plan.
  • Managing the site.
  • Chairing site progress meetings and preparing progress reports for the client.
Project Management