Our policy is to create a positive workplace environment, reducing the incidence and severity of job health and safety events. Our goal of work safety is to reach for no injuries to anyone while on the job.

Our managers are committed to achieving this goal. We strive to share our knowledge and experience with others and are using innovation to greatly increase our safety standards.

We apply our work safe policy in all of our projects. Our training, both of our employees and our subcontractors, is already making a difference in our workplace environment.

Our motto is: Work together to make work safe.

Our goals include:

  • No injuries to bystanders
  • No fatalities
  • No disabling injuries
  • No long term injury to health
  • An Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) of 0.1 or less by year-end 2015.


MET Development believes our employees are our best asset. Every person brings their perspective, training, skills, and education to the workplace.

By utilizing each person’s abilities, we grow as a company and add value to our business.

By bringing workers in from many different backgrounds, we develop a greater set of skills and abilities with which to meet our customer’s needs. Recognizing different cultures and groups, our objective is to promote a welcoming workplace where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and grow.

Our policy is to treat all employees and potential employees with respect and equality. Bullying and harassment are unwelcome in the workplace, and everyone has the right to be free of any unwanted behavior, whether based on pregnancy, race, disability, age, sex, marital status, trans-gender status, civil partnership status, sexuality, political or religious beliefs. All employees have the equal opportunity to fair work policies and to achieve their potential, without discrimination.

Females and males are treated equally, hired without bias to gender, and rewarded according to their contribution.
Our policy is to challenge stereotypes, support employees in their work/life balance, support women who are pregnant and assist their return to work after maternity leave.

Transgender individuals or those who are planning to undergo gender reassignment are protected against discrimination and harassment. We will protect and support a transgender person to ensure respect, dignity, and fairness.

Marital Status
People shall be treated with respect and fairness regarding marital, civic partnership, or familial status.

We strive to challenge racial stereotypes and ensure that racial and cultural diversity is represented throughout the organization.

Persons with disabilities are recognized and valued at MET Development. We focus on what a person can do, not on their disability, and challenge any stereotypes. We work to accommodate those with disabilities whenever possible to assist persons in achieving their full career potential.

Age diversity is promoted and valued, MET Development works to challenge age stereotypes while recognizing the value of a mixed-age workforce.

Religious Beliefs and Political Opinion
Religious and political beliefs and opinions are respected in the workplace, and the freedom to hold those beliefs is protected from intolerance or persecution.

HIV & Aids
The company shall not allow discrimination against employees or potential employees on the belief or fact that they have HIV and/or AIDS.

An employee or potential employee’s sexuality is to be respected, and employees are to be treated fairly without regard to their sexuality. We will strive to challenge negative stereotypes.


We are committed to providing our clients with top-quality construction and excellent service at a reasonable price.

Our policy is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations, while maintaining excellence in all areas of each project, including meeting specified requirements and adhering to all local and regulatory standards, while striving to meet all timescales.

MET Development:

Is committed to quality, and strives to meet the requirements of all external auditing authorities, including BM Trade Certification

Strives to meet the highest standards of quality to satisfy our customers

Maintains a highly trained staff and believes in ongoing training and education, as well as open communication between management and employees

Has quality and excellence as our goals Strive to minimize customer complaints and works diligently to resolve any problems should they arise, and uses customer communication as a basis for improving our products and services

After each project, reviews are implemented to pinpoint areas where improvement is needed or objectives may be changed. Our management team is dedicated to helping our company reach the highest standard of excellence.

All employees are involved in our success. Through teamwork, high expectations, respect for each individual, and the acknowledgment that everyone’s work matters, we can strive for the highest quality possible.

We want MET Development to have a reputation for top-quality construction and excellent service, and to be an excellent place of work for our employees.


Our projects, both for the private and public sectors, have the possibility of local, national, and global impact. Climate change is of utmost concern, and we recognize our responsibility to work in a manner that is economically and socially responsible.

Our objective is to maintain up to date information and implement procedures to:

    • Reduce energy consumption
    • Recycle and reuse if possible
    • Use sustainable resources
    • Involve renewable energy when available
    • Use care to minimize environmental, noise, and dust pollution whenever possible
    • Replace old equipment with diesel and hybrid vehicles in our fleet
    • Strive to become a member of Considerate Contractors.
      We are committed to protecting our environment and promoting sustainability with responsible energy
      usage and we are working toward MCS accreditation and the usage of renewable energy technology.

We are committed to:

  • Working with clients and encouraging the use of renewable energy and sustainable resources whenever possible
  • Training employees and using education to promote awareness in sustainable practices, including the use of “energy saving mode” whenever possible, switching off appliances when not in use, and recycling
  • Communication, including signage, posters, and employee meetings
  • Using sustainable and renewable resources whenever possible
  • Minimizing waste and utilizing good housekeeping practices
  • Management and the Board of Directors will review these policies regularly.


At MET Development, we realize that our projects, from design to completion, have an impact on the environment both locally and globally, and as such, we will work diligently to ensure that all phases of each project take into account:

  • Sustainability
  • Global and Local Impact
  • Energy Efficiency

We work continually to improve our technology, resources, and workflow with the environmental consequences of each project in mind. Our Board of Directors keeps up-to-date information as new developments in sustainability and impact are brought to light and work to ensure that our company complies with these developments whenever possible. It meets annually to review compliance.

MET Development regularly reviews the Environmental Management System, MET Development Management system, to maintain compliance with legal, regulatory and other business obligations.

MET Development maintains up-to-date information involving codes of practice, new legislation and regulations, and continually updates the training and education of its employees accordingly. It also works with vendors and suppliers to ensure compliance and communicates procedures, management systems, training, policies, and updates to all employees and subcontractors. MET Development works, on and off the worksite, in such a manner as to minimize impact, pollution, and disturbance to both the environment and the general public and surrounding areas.

In addition, MET Development utility materials, whenever possible, from sustainable sources, and works to minimize waste whenever possible. We are always aware of the environment both in our offices and at worksites and attempt to make as little disruption as possible. When travel is unavoidable, we strive to utilize the least environmentally damaging mode of transportation that is available.

With each new project, we analyze all environmental impacts and work to minimize any adverse effects as much as possible.

Management reviews and internal and external audits are implemented to monitor the effectiveness of the company’s Environmental Management System.


Our goal is of work safety is to aim for no injuries to either the public or to our employees while on the job.

MET Development takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of its employees on the job and the public near or in the workplace who may be affected by the company’s activities by:

  • Design, maintenance, and operation of all equipment in a safe manner, both in our offices and in the work environment
  • Maintaining safe guidelines and training for all employees and management
  • Adequate instruction for all employees involved in a project
  • Superior communication and control in situations where individuals may be exposed to the threat of injury or property or equipment may be damaged
  • Plans in place for each work environment involving treatment facilities and emergency care
  • Fire prevention and control training and procedures
  • Open communication and meeting places between management and employee representatives
  • Constant review and monitoring of the plans in place to ensure up to date information and communication
  • The executive manager is responsible for the safety policy and ensuring that all policies and procedures are kept up to date and enforced. All members of the management team are responsible for their delegated responsibilities under the executive manager. Each senior manager and/or department head then has the authority and responsibility to ensure that policies and procedures are followed, that training is implemented and communication is kept open.
  • A Safety Committee will meet regularly to maintain records of proper training procedures and employee training, to monitor safety policy compliance, and to make suggestions for any improvements on safety policy.
  • Employees are expected to conform to this policy, and records are kept of employee training and knowledge. All employees are expected to implement the necessary training and procedures to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. All employees must exercise care not only for their wellbeing but also for their coworkers and others who might be affected by their work, work environment, their acts, or any omissions.
  • A Safety Manager shall be appointed with the responsibility to maintain the Safe Work Policy and to be the person responsible for monitoring the procedures and training necessary. All employees and management can communicate with the Safety Manager as needed.